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Goatishness : A Change For The Better

Before I owned a goat-face mask [Roland]

I was barefaced and ignored [F]

And drained a booze-filled silver flask [Dassn't Say]

(In my pocket was it stored) [N]

Not for me the beard, the horns [Roland]

The cloven hooves, or tail [N]

And I am not the one who mourns [F]

The extinction of the quail [snortules]

My goatishness is subtle, yet [N]

It serves me well enough [F]

And when I'm saddened or upset [N]

I sit upon my duff [Dassn't Say]

I don my goat mask seldom but [F]

Its presence keeps me sane [N]

No longer am I in a rut [F]

I have sent away my pain [N]

Contributors: Roland, F, Dassn't Say, N, snortules.
Poem finished: 25th August 2003.