The Spoonbill Generator

With Suzanne in Swaziland

I never thought of leaving home until I met Suzanne [Beefy]

She has the coolest geo-dome in all of South Japan [Anon.]

She made me swear I'd never roam (and she was seventh dan!) [Beefy]

She laughs and calls me 'gaijin' though I really couldn't care [snood]

Tonight I'm eating Asian - it's my fav'rite dinner fare [N]

I feel this keen sensation; I think I'll strip her bare [F]

I never thought of getting hitched until I met that gal [N]

She's hotter than a chile pod and still she's my best pal [Dassn't Say]

And though my name is Tod, she likes to call me Sal [F]

She beats me at each game we play; I sometimes let her win [Kansas Sam]

But I don't tell her, hey; it's a condescending sin [F]

If she can't cut the mustard, then she'll take it on the chin. [homer]


I took her home to meet my folks; I really should have known [Beefy]

That she would tell 'Caucasian' jokes, and they would grin and groan [Kansas Sam]

My mother said "She drinks and smokes, you're better off alone!" [Beefy]

She's quite the culinary whiz; my waistline tells the tale [Kansas Sam]

My only reservation is, it's always curried whale [Beefy]

I hope that she will quit that biz before I break the scale [asdf]

Contributors: Beefy, Kansas Sam, snood, N, F, Dassn't Say, homer, Anon., asdf.
Poem finished: 23rd August 2003.