The Spoonbill Generator

A Doberman You All Wanted To Know

There was an old maid from Duluth [F]

She was known for bending the truth [N]

She'd say, "I'm a guy" [F]

But we knew it a lie [N]

For her momma had named her Ruth [sp]

When wandering through the woods [N]

Be sure to pack all your goods [F]

Ne'er know what you'll need [sp]

Cigarettes or weed [F]

And please stay away from the hoods [N]

I once had a Gecko with setae [Anon.]

It was nimble but really quite meaty [N]

I wanted to cook it [F]

But dumbly mistook it [N]

For my lost doberman, Petey [F]

Remember that duck in the marsh? [K8]

That didn't say "Quack", but went "Garsh" [sp]

You plucked out its eyes [N]

Served with side o' fries [Anon.]

Which I always thought was too harsh. [K8]

I was peeling a nice juicy orange [N]

When suddenly my wife, Mrs. Sornj [F]

Grabbed me by the neck [sp]

And shouted "What the heck!" [Karin]

"You pilfered my very last lozenge!" [N]

When serving pork and sauerkraut [F]

Make sure no children are about [Karin]

'Cause when your eatin' [Anon.]

You'll find that you're beaten [F]

And stricken with sauerkraut doubt. [Anon.]

I don't really know what I'm doing [N]

(What is this item I'm chewing?) [td]

My head is a mess [N]

And all this distress [snood]

Has taken long years in the brewing [keithc]

If you care about metre and rhyme [Beefy ]

You couldn't make a line like this one [snood]

Contributors: F, N, sp, K8, Karin, Anon., td, snood, keithc, Beefy.
Poem finished: 22nd August 2003.