The Spoonbill Generator

What is Rope?

When you look around and realise that naught is what it seems [Anon.]

You want to throw conniption fits and issue piercing screams [F]

When reality is spinning round, invading all your dreams [Anon.]

You realize your cozy life is splitting at the seams [F]

When you close your eyes and suddenly, it all just seems too hard [Anon.]

You start to write sad verses, as though you were a bard [F]

When you look upon the table, and regard your final card [N]

The hooded man with sickle is someone you'll regard [F]

Then a voice should softly tell you that there's reason yet to hope [N]

"Come on, buck up. Skip a stone. Don't sit around and mope." [F]

When you're drowning in the ocean, life will throw you down a rope [Anon.]

You'll grasp it and discover that somehow you can cope [F]

Contributors: N, F.
Poem finished: 22nd August 2003.