The Spoonbill Generator

Ungentle Urgings

The rarely recognised conversation [baoloa]

Is a most peculiar beast [N]

He walks and stalks [baoloa]

And growls and prowls [N]

And shows up when you feast [F]

The usually tame discussion [N]

Will turn and bite [baoloa]

If stoked or poked [N]

Or otherwise provoked [baoloa]

Or challenged in a fight [N]

The orutund oration [baoloa]

Is a large and slothful creature [N]

He puffs and pomps [baoloa]

And huffs and stomps [N]

And is a dreadful preacher [baoloa]

The thinly veiled compliment [Beefy ]

Is quite the nasty shrew [Karin]

If words are heard [Beefy ]

And meanings inferred [Karin]

You'd better start anew [Beefy ]

The imperceptibly glowing aphorism [snood]

Is shy beyond belief [Beefy ]

It lurks in implications [snood]

And rude insinuations [N]

It's sneaky as a thief. [Karin]

The tete a tete, my own bete noir [F]

Is known for great pretence [N]

Un-asked for revelations [F]

Pointless exclamations [N]

Emotions too intense [F]

The pithy poignant poem [N]

Is falling out of favor [F]

Those clever rhymes [N]

Of Victorian times [F]

Have sadly lost their flavour [N]

Contributors: baoloa, N, F, Beefy, Karin, snood.
Poem finished: 22nd August 2003.