The Spoonbill Generator

Washing Fish In My Underwear

So when are ya gonna make up yer mind? [asdf]

Can't keep me hangin' on forever [Anon.]

'Cause if you do, soon you'll find [F]

I'll be gone and come back never [N]


You say that you'll stay, you say that you'll go [N]

You play your sadistic games [Karin]

C'mon, please, just let me know [N]

Or I'll chase some other dames. [Karin]

I'll wine and dine them, that'll show you [F]

There's plenty of fish in the sea [Karin]

Who knows what lengths I might go to [N]

How rash and reckless I can be [F]

Girl, each day you keep me waiting [N]

I'm gettin' antsy, whataya say? [F]

Soon enough we'll end up hating [Karin]

And we'll each go our sep'rate way [N]

Contributors: asdf, N, F, Anon., Karin.
Poem finished: 21st August 2003.