The Spoonbill Generator

Spies Seeking Heat in Arabia

Close to the railway, hidden by bushes [P]

They crouch on their haunches, watching [N]

Bearded old men, watching girls' tushes [hola]

The desert sun is blinding, scorching [N]

Audible breathing, the ripples of heat [F]

Shimmer idly on the far horizon [N]

Still the men hunker, not missing a beat [F]

Their burning foreheads slowly wizen [Anon.]

The girls stroll along, untouched by the stares [F]

Behind their hijabs they coyly smile [Anon.]

The bearded old men, laying their snares [F]

Are smirking rudely all the while [N]

Lost in heated fantasies and frozen [F]

Dreaming of seeing an ankle exposed [Karin]

They close their eyes and soon are dozin' [F]

But a hijab-wearing machete wielder begins to lop off toes [Karin]

Contributors: P, N, hola, F, Karin.
Poem finished: 21st August 2003.