The Spoonbill Generator

Horace is What We Like

Would you like to waltz or samba? [F]

Yes, but only in the nude [Anon.]

Ay, oy vey! Eek, caramba! [F]

What's wrong with you? You're not a prude! [N]

Would you like to surf or cycle? [F]

Yes, but only in the buff [N]

Let me call Archangel Michael [F]

(I'll warn you that his manner's rough) [N]

Would you like to bonk or gambol? [F]

Yes, but only while I'm bare [N]

Are you poised for the preamble? [K8]

I'm not sure I really care [N]

You want to bonk, you want to cycle [F]

Yes, but only when unclad [Beefy ]

So hanging like an icicle [N]

You go and bonk with your step-dad. [chortle]

Contributors: F, Anon., N, K8, Beefy, chortle.
Poem finished: 21st August 2003.