The Spoonbill Generator

Sigh and Suicide

It's time for a limerick now [N]

Don't disappoint me, you cow [Karin]

You'll stick to the meter
Or face up to Peter [N]

What do you mean, bowwow, meow? [F]

A small and inquistive mouse [N]

Was scuttling about in our house [F]

I set up a trap
But the smart little chap [N]

Tripped it, using a louse [F]

A raisin went out on a date [N]

With a grape; the evening was late [F]

A currant went by [N]

And started to sigh [F]

She longed for a prune as a mate [N]

I think I'll get really filthy [F]

And frolick around in the belfry [N]

I'll stick out my tongue [F]

And sit on this rung [N]

An exercise I find quite healthy [F]

I think that I'll try doing pot [N]

My brain I'm eager to rot [K]

I like getting high [N]

I'm planning to fly [K8]

To Venus; I hear that's it's hot. [F]

When trying the lotus position [Beefy ]

Try not to engage in coition [F]

Because you will find [Beefy ]

If you're that way inclined [snood]

The position deflects your emission [Beefy ]

Contributors: N, Karin, F, K, K8, Beefy, snood.
Poem finished: 20th August 2003.