The Spoonbill Generator

Down Hallways and Corridors

Keats and Sandburg, Dickinson, Yeats [F]

This is the poetry everyone hates [Anon.]

Nash and Whitman, Sexton and Plath [F]

I think I'll just stick to science and math [N]

Einstein, Euclid, Pythagorus, Bohr [F]

Couldn't even count past four [N]

Heisenberg, Fermi leave me cold [F]

They never laughed, or so I'm told [N]

Kant and Nietzsche, Foucault and Rand [F]

All had their heads under the sand [N]

Socrates, Plato, all them Greeks [F]

Talked in a language nobody speaks [N]

You see I'm a cynic, a misanthrope [F]

I used to believe, but I've given up hope [N]

I'll just plow ahead, bemused and obtuse [F]

My motto in life: just what is the use? [N]

Contributors: F, Anon., N.
Poem finished: 20th August 2003.