The Spoonbill Generator

Only A Warthog Won't

Goofy Haikus [F]

My nose is dripping [N]

I have run out of kleenex [F]

The floor is a mess [N]

Your face looks funny [F]

Perhaps it's 'cause your left eye [N]

Is telescoping [F]

Bob smells terrible [N]

He has not bathed in six months [Karin]

Such a bad doggie [N]

Your belches are gross [Karin]

Forgive me, my darling one [F]

I will now kill you. [Karin]

Bandersnatch bobo [F]

Is a good name for a mouse [N]

But not for an elk. [Karin]

I saw your fine ass [baoloa]

And was taken aback [F]

By its symmetry [Anon.]

Your child is ugly [Karin]

I guess that is expected [N]

If you're a warthog. [Karin]

Kiss me quick and go [F]

If you stay I'll call the cops [Karin]

Yeah, call me perverse [F]

If a woodchuck chucks [Karin]

Then will a googlewhack whack? [F]

Or a spoonbill bill? [N]

Contributors: F, N, Karin, baoloa.
Poem finished: 20th August 2003.