The Spoonbill Generator


When I was a lad, I served my time [Beefy ]

With acoustic coupler and a dial-up line [snood]

I surfed the net at a snail-like pace [Beefy ]

Like a turtle with a leaden-coated carapace [snood]

I surfed so much there in my loft [Beefy ]

That now I find my intellect has gone quite soft [snood]

At following links I acquired such a skill [Beefy ]

That now I have a massive telephonic bill [snood]

I killed pop-ups with a sneering face [Beefy ]

My eyes crossed and wrist in a brace [archaeopteryx]

I killed them so assiduously [snood]

That Microsoft came and recruited me [Beefy]

Contributors: Beefy, snood, archaeopteryx.
Poem finished: 20th August 2003.