The Spoonbill Generator

Shameless? Us?

The incredulous bunch, the lot of them all [smrtypnts]

Should be more credulous, for withal [F]

'Tis such a shame to function like that [Anon.]

How often do these things go "splat!" [F]

To begin at the beginning, to end at the end [smrtypnts]

Is something I seldom wish to amend [F]

Add a line here or start a thought there [smrtypnts]

Become a "poet" caught in a snare [F]

To call on our Muse, though broken and flawed [sp]

Is useless; I hear she's one fickle broad [F]

Casting our dear words across great spans [Anon.]

Gathers to us not many fans [F]

Are we to continue exposing our souls? [Anon.]

Our idiocies, our pitiful strivings? [F]

To amuse ourselves and provide respite for the bored [sp]

Is reason enough. Let's all climb aboard! [F]

Contributors: smrtypnts, F, sp.
Poem finished: 19th August 2003.