The Spoonbill Generator

Today We Are In The Mists

It started out as molecules, swimming in the primal soup [Anon.]

Coagulations, preternatural adhesions [F]

They somehow learned to replicate, and gather into groups [N]

Mysteriums, interpenetrations [F]

A thousand times a million years, the slowest ever magic spell [N]

Godly and ungodly precisions, imprecisions [F]

Then finally a milestone; a pulsing, thriving, living cell [Anon.]

Reverberations, revelations. Innumerable oneness [F]

The cells then use the sunlight, to tame the toxic air [Anon.]

Adaptations, interactions. [F]

And pave the way for changes; the future they prepare [N]

Prognostications. All is All [F]

Cells divide, sometimes partly, growing into clumps [N]

Emulations, derivations [F]

Tiny creatures start to form; strange amorphous lumps [N]

Agitations, permutations. Something underway [F]

Suddenly, an outburst; mutation rates in overdrive [N]

Illustrations, undulations. What will Be [F]

Eyes and spines and tentacles, a body plan to thrive [Anon.]

Stimulatons, simulations. Patterns and Designs [F]

The first explorers leave the oceans, colonising land [N]

Explorations, inundations [F]

Amazing new adaptions form; an arm, a wing, a hand [N]

Additions, ovulations. Ascensions evermore [F]

With trees and ferns and insects, soon reptiles rule the age [Anon.]

Dominations, infestations. One is All [F]

Then from the skies, disaster rains; and history turns a page [N]

Irradiations. Nothing ends, not ever [F]

The stage is set for mammals now; they quickly take their place [Anon.]

Invasions, delectations. Egos spawning ego [F]

Some of them become aware; a loping, hairless race [N]

Deviations, aberrations. Progressions and awareness [F]

Their minds expand, they walk erect, they master tools and fire [N]

Mutations, expirations. Invitations (Shiva's dance) [F]

Now that we have grown, to what should we aspire? [N]

Durations? Assignations? To join in Shiva's Dance? [F]

Contributors: N, F.
Poem finished: 19th August 2003.