The Spoonbill Generator

Synthetic Harmony, Synthetic Reflections

Another new poem, now what will it be? [Beefy ]

Haiku? Limerick? Free verse? Let's see... [Anon.]

Epic? Sonnet? One of those lists? [smrtypnts]

And how do you achieve continuity of form and [snood]

Rhyme where no format exists? [Beefy ]

Can like-thinking souls [Snood]

Fuse thoughts across distances [archaeopteryx]

,Cultures, backgrounds, interests and time zones? [smrtypnts]

And how do you achieve harmony of thought and [Beefy ]

Rhythm between foreign dialects? [archaeopteryx]

Telepathy and cyberspace--light years 'tween us [F]

Loosely metered with blind poetic trust [archaeopteryx]

And a will to succeed yet amenable to flops [F]

And how do you acheive congruence of meaning and [archaeopteryx]

Avoid starting an international incident? [Karin]

That is the question. Is this a poem? [F]

Or is this prose, or merely a collective thought? [archaeopteryx]

And does it matter? We revel in silliness [F]

And how do you acheive coherence of synergy and [archaeopteryx]

Not suck the joy out of the whole process? [Karin]

Contributors: Beefy, archaeopteryx, Anon., snood, Snood, smrtypnts, F, Karin.
Poem finished: 18th August 2003.