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Blasted Poets

102 poems in just over a week - do none of you sleep? I'm ready to weep [Beefy ]

While I was away, you had so much to say! I'm ready to play. [Karin]

I'm to old for this shit, I haven't the wit. I'm ready to quit [Beefy ]

I'm sorry to hear you're cranky, my dear. You ready for beer? [Karin]

I'd rather have whiskey. Ain't feelin' too frisky. So frisk me. [F]

I think I was entirely wrong about this song. Or was it the bong? [archaeopteryx]

Nay, I think not. 'Twas excellent pot. A grump I am not. [F]

I'm too much of a waste to keep pace. This is a prolific place. [Anon.]

Contributors: Beefy, Karin, F, archaeopteryx.
Poem finished: 18th August 2003.