The Spoonbill Generator

Flattery of a Goose

When starting on a masterpiece
Fill your mind with wild caprice [Anon.]

But not when "under the influence" [F]

It interferes with what you sense [N]

If you must compose an etude [F]

Try doing it completely nude [N]

Or else just wear a sable thong [F]

And smoke upon your trusty bong [Anon.]

Clear your mind, then crack your knuckles [F]

Loosen all those belts and buckles [N]

Then sit yourself upon a chair [F]

And liberate your hidden flair [N]

First pause awhile, await the muse [F]

Imagine you're singing the blues [N]

Place your pen upon the paper [K8]

Let your musings freely caper [N]

Then hum a line from "South Pacific" [F]

Your stream of thoughts should run prolific [N]

Wave after wave, riding high on the Tide, [Anon.]

But if they don't, at least you tried [Beefy ]

Contributors: N, F, K8, Beefy.
Poem finished: 18th August 2003.