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Farce Of

Types of Medical Coverage [K8]

Accidental Death Cover (excludes Vital Organ malfunction) [Anon.]

Vacuuming of the spleen (Bi-annually) [Randy]

We cover your co-pay, you only need take care of the rest! [baoloa]

Deliberate Death Coverage [F]

Wart removal (limit 5/yr) ($5,000,000 deductible if cancerous) [Randy]

Infant Dental Cover (up to 4 weeks of age only) [N]

Diaper Rash Cover (up to age twenty-one) $20 co-payment [F]

Viagra (In your dreams buster!) [Randy]

Veterans Agent Purple Cover [F]

Contributors: K8, Anon., Randy, baoloa, F, N.
Poem finished: 18th August 2003.