The Spoonbill Generator

Where Computations Love Cabbage Soup

An inauspicious bread-line debut [MockTurtle]

Of all the places I coulda met you [smrtypnts]

Your smoldering eyes, the cabbagey smell [MockTurtle]

And lingering mildew of your prison cell [wah]

You stole m'heart outside the soup kitchen [smrtypnts]

The tic in your neck, your eye all atwitchin' [wah]

I'll call you my lil snaggletooth honey [Anon.]

Let's rig us a snare, and chew up a bunny. [Anon.]

I'll build us a shack made out of cardboard [smrtypnts]

A cozier love nest we cannot afford [wah]

We'll make us a baby, and call him Art [smrtypnts]

Fashion a crib from an old shopping cart [wah]

We'll raise up a brood in our corrugated cottage [Disraeli]

He'll find friends and playthings in the bins of garbage [Anon.]

We'll cull gourmet tidbits from swank cafe dumpsters [F]

Now what rhymes with dumpster is a real stumpster [Randy]


We'll save for our retirement with buttons and cans [baoloa]

In crowds, panhandling, you'll handle the pans [F]

Bit by byte we'll make it grow [baoloa]

And then we'll toss it to and fro [please end me]

Contributors: MockTurtle, smrtypnts, wah, Anon., Disraeli, F, Randy, finis, baoloa, please end me.
Poem finished: 17th August 2003.