The Spoonbill Generator

Naughty Sonnet

Oh how I loathe thee let me count the ways [smrtypnts]

By the doors of Gitchie-Goomie [F]

Shall I prepare thee for a plumber's spray? [Anon.]

Listen, my children, and you shall spear [F]

I violate myself, and sting myself [smrtypnts]

Soap is the thing with feathers [F]

"Porridge!" he said, and pointed toward his hand [smrtypnts]

I think that I shall never pee [F]

Once upon a morning sunny, while I wandered queer and funny [N]

When, in this space with fortune and men's thighs [smrtypnts]

My glove is like a red, red nose [F]

Pal, I compare thee to a numbing spray [Anon.]

Contributors: smrtypnts, first lines, Anon., F, N.
Poem finished: 17th August 2003.