The Spoonbill Generator

Scone Clichés

It's always darkest just before it gets lighter [asdf]

Your trousers seem loosest before they feel tighter [MockTurtle]

The powder is evil as it washes whiter [yoxi]

Rocky was weakest before being a fighter [archaeopteryx]

One wrong plus one wrong won't make you righter. [wah]

Leave the sword! For the pen is far more eruditer! [NotOgdenNash]

When cutting corners, please use a miter [F]

Every time I meet a lady, it ends up a one-nighter [Randy]

When I eat less and less, I get a little slighter [F]

(Though you never notice, you blighter) [baoloa]


Contributors: asdf, MockTurtle, yoxi, archaeopteryx, wah, NotOgdenNash, F, Randy, baoloa, finis.
Poem finished: 16th August 2003.