The Spoonbill Generator

Melons In December

I like bananas, because they have no bones [Anon.]

I like pyjamas, except when full of stones [N]

I eat bananas, while writing silly pomes [K8]

I wear pyjamas, while dressing up my gnomes [N]

Bananas "IN" pyjamas'd be quite a scary sight! [K8]

The sort of thing that's bound to keep you wide awake at night [N]

I like bananas, because they are yellow [smrtypnts]

I like manana because it means tomorrow [F]

I eat bananas, while waiting for that day [N]

I might find the green ones are really okay [smrtypnts]

Bananas "IN" bandanas'd be quite a squishy mess [F]

The sort of thing that if you saw, you'd surely not confess [N]

I like bananas, because it's fun to say [smrtypnts]

I like pyjamas, in bed I think I'll stay [N]

I wear bandanas because I am so hip [F]

I prowl savannas, drooling from the lip [N]

Bandanas "IN" savannas'd be quite a mucky scene [F]

The sort of thing that causes one to loudly vent his spleen [N]

Contributors: Anon., N, K8, smrtypnts, F.
Poem finished: 15th August 2003.