The Spoonbill Generator

Replacement Of My Jaundiced Petticoat

Anyone asking about apples [Porsha]

Better be behaving beautifully [N]

'Cause cousins can currently caper [F]

Distraught debentured domestics [Porsha]

Eerily emulate emus [F]

Foraging forensic frittatas [Porsha]

Gathering gangrenous goats [N]

Hellishly heaping heliots [F]

Irascibly Irritating Ibexes [Porsha]

Jurassic jujube juggling [F]

Kungfu Karma kittens [Porsha]

Licitly lissom laments [snood]

My Mommy misses me more [smrtpnts]

'n Natasha's naughty nephew, Nate! (so there!) [Porsha]

Overlooks Olmec Oreos [F]

Provided Peter's peppers [Anon.]

Questionably quartered quickly [N]

Really reveal ripeness [Anon.]

Scintillatingly succulent, sauce-soaked steaks [K8]

Tempting trendy tourists [N]

under unused Ukrainian umbrellas [K8]

Violently vexing vegetables [N]

Waddling with whackos [asdf]

Xenophobically Xeroxing [N]

xanthic xylophagous xanthareels x-uding xanthopsia [K8]

Y [Anon.]

Yodelling Yellow Yaks [Anon.]

zoodiker zounds [z]erenaded zakuskas .. and all for the love of an apple! [K8]

Contributors: Porsha, N, F, snood, smrtpnts, Anon., K8, asdf.
Poem finished: 15th August 2003.