The Spoonbill Generator

Against Spelling

Would you care to dance? [N]

He said bashfully [Porsha]

You haven't got a chance! [N]

He said "She's way too good for me!" [Porsha]

Would you care to boff? [F]

He said conspicuously [Porsha]

I'd like to get you off [Anon.]

Right here behind this tree [Porsha]

Would you care to strip? [N]

He asked imploringly [F]

Preferably right here in my kip? [Porsha]

We could be 'makin' whoopee' [F]

Would you care to poontang? [Porsha]

He suggested suggestively [Dassn't Say]

With me and my ol' gang [smrtypnts]

"Don't know," she said. "We'll see." [F]

Would you care to concede? [Porsha]

He wondered arrogantly [Anon.]

I've starving kids to feed! [N]

"If I win", said she [Kansas Sam]

Contributors: N, Porsha, F, Anon., Dassn't Say, smrtypnts, Kansas Sam.
Poem finished: 15th August 2003.