The Spoonbill Generator

Semantics Alone

At 4 o'clock on Sunday, with nothing much to do [N]

I called my Uncle Horace and loudly yelled out, "Boo!" [F]

It was to no avail, the poor old chap was deaf [Anon.]

And mistakenly, he always took a treble for a clef [F]

Later that same day, while looking for a laugh [N]

I called my dear old mother; it was another gaffe [F]

She told me she was baking, and asked if I'd call back [Porsha]

I did, two seconds later. She went on the attack. [F]

"How can I do my baking, you selfish little twerp!?" [Porsha]

I thought, Gee, Ma's a bitch today and let out a thunderous burp [F]

As thought she hadn't heard me, she sang into the phone ".. [Porsha]

"You're always in my heart...for you are not alone" [N]

"Yes, you're always in my heart...for you are not alone" .. she sang [Porsha]

I told her I was over that old Michael Jackson thang [N]

But she pretended deafness, just like my auntie Sue [Porsha]

Who used to warble threateningly and sometimes even coo [F]

I know it isn't normal to express One's rage in song [Porsha]

But then again, the normal cannot right what's left of wrong [Kansas Sam]

So if You have my genetics, when the Doom croon bids you on, [Porsha]

Go sail a kite but only when you're wearing a sarong [F]

Contributors: N, F, Porsha, Kansas Sam.
Poem finished: 14th August 2003.