The Spoonbill Generator

He-she me?

A limerick often is dirty
Involving some woman's who's flirty [N]

Or else some horndog [F]

With a chauvinist hog [N]

Usually, it ain't very purty [F]

Let us humour you now with a sample [N]

A really filthy example [F]

About a young maid [N]

Who inserted a spade [F]

Between her two bosoms most ample [N]

The shovel was joined by a pitchfork [K8]

Which made it quite tough to talk [N]

Her M.O. was special [F]

In her breast I would nestle [N]

And then her "thingy" I'd cork [F]

I was once passing time in a bar [N]

When I spotted a Hollywood star [F]

She had silicon breasts
But hadn't confessed [Anon.]

Didn't matter; she drove a Jaguar [F]

She seemed like a nice sort of gal [N]

Not just a "piece" but a pal [F]

I reached down to fondle [Porsha]

But thought "Mitochondral [N]

She's a "he", she isn't a "Sal"! [Porsha]

But then I thought, oh, what the heck [F]

And invited her out to the deck [Porsha]

She followed me there
And got herself bare [N]

Then offered the nape of her neck [Porsha]

At that moment I started to choke [Anon.]

For I'm not a bloodthirsty bloke [F]

My fangs too blunt
I much prefer c...front [N]

So I reached in my drawer for a toke [Porsha]

And here is the moral of the story [smrtypnts]

The next time your lust isn't gory [Anon.]

Just take it in stride [F]

Go along for the ride [Porsha]

And enjoy your he/she pal whorey [archaeopteryx]

Contributors: N, F, K8, Porsha, smrtypnts, Anon., archaeopteryx.
Poem finished: 14th August 2003.