The Spoonbill Generator

Please Pass the Wrestler

It is an ancient wrestler [anshul]

As you can clearly see [Grayman]

upon his prat settled Yu-Gi-Oh, the bloodsucking Japanese flea [k8]

The wrestler was enchanted [K8]

What will be will be [Grayman]

Since tradition said "Don't sit on bugs!", he offered Yu a spot of tea [K8]

It is an ancient woodcutter [anshul]

As you can plainly see [K8]

Upon his woodpile slime mold formed, as yucky as can be [Dassn't Say]

The woodcutter was nauseated [N]

What you see, you see [F]

Since tradition said "Don't EVER waste water!", he rinsed it off with pee [K8]

Contributors: anshul, Grayman, k8, K8, Dassn't Say, N, F.
Poem finished: 14th August 2003.