The Spoonbill Generator

Cow Ending

You do not moo, you do not moo [after Plath's "Daddy"]

Any more, brown cow [N]

On which I have milked; oh, shoot! [F]

For seven weeks, tugging teats, [N]

Barely daring to sniff or wahoo [F]

Daisy, I have had to feed you [N]

You ate before I had time-- [F]

Stomach-heavy, a gut full of grass [N]

Ghastly hide, with one great mole [F]

Round as a compact disc [N]

And your hoof in the frothy Atlantic [F]

Has managed to kill all the Kelp [K8]

In the waters of bubbly Posset [F]

I used to bleet like a crazy ewe
Baaahaaaa-uuu [N]

Contributors: after Plath's 'Daddy', N, F, K8.
Poem finished: 14th August 2003.