The Spoonbill Generator

It's the Spuds' Malevolence

With sinister speed, they come and go [fester]

The sentient spuds of Idaho [Kansas Sam]

From deep in Sligo they are sprung [snood]

For spudly Gotterdammerung [Kansas Sam]

For tubers know weltanschauung [F]

With schadenfreude the taters grow [Dassn't Say]

In weltschmerz under heavy snow [F]


A tattie of such malfeasant grace [snood]

Does not evince the spuddish race [Anon.]

Their earthy plottings underground [snood]

Elude our tater ultrasound [Anon.]

The revolution comes around
This surely is a hopeless case [N]

These free-will spuds will fry this place [Kansas Sam]


Contributors: fester, Kansas Sam, snood, F, Dassn't Say, Anon., N.
Poem finished: 14th August 2003.