The Spoonbill Generator

Mother One

Mother Theresa sported a wart [F]

From the naughty old Bishop had it been caught [N]

She tried to pray it away but, alas [F]

It only continued to grow in mass [Anon.]

Sister Perpetua had but one eye [F]

It nervously twitched both this way and that [K8]

She couldn't control it , and so, alas [F]

Her inventive surgeon built it a cast [K8]

Father O'Leary walked with a limp [Kansas Sam]

His knuckles dragging like a chimp [snood]

His mother in Chicago had been cursed [td]

Instead of going 'forward', his gait was 'reversed' [Anon.]

Contributors: F, N, K8, Kansas Sam, snood, td.
Poem finished: 13th August 2003.