The Spoonbill Generator

Around The You You Tree

I think that I shall never find, a poem as lovely as your behind [Randy]

But then again, I haven't looked around [F]

Although nice buttockses abound [Randy]

Were I to goose them, I sense that you would mind [F]

I think that I shall never see, a poem as lovely as your titt-ee [Randy]

But then again, how should I know? [Anshul]

Would you consider granting me a private show !? [K8]

If not, then kindly let me be, I bet your titty's itty bitt-ee [Randy]

A little bird, with a yellow bill, was perched upon my window sill.. [K8]

I coaxed him in with a piece of bread, then slammed the window down on his head. [K8]

I'm beginning to think that this poem is dead [Randy]

And I will knock it on the head [snood]

Contributors: Randy, F, Anshul, K8, snood.
Poem finished: 13th August 2003.