The Spoonbill Generator

Jonah On War

There was once a man in a tale
Who was swallowed right up by a whale [N]

He lived in that mammal [F]

With Dorothy Hamill [Anon.]

But his lawyer soon posted the bail [F]

We once were invaded by Mars [Anon.]

The first to be zapped were the bars [F]

They blew up the churches
And E.T. researchers [Anon.]

An put all the poets in jars [Anon.]

I once saw a man on a cliff [F]

Shake hands with an odorous stiff [Anon.]

If you think this is odd
It's only 'cause God [Anon.]

Ne'er gave him the wit to sniff [F]

My wallet is bloated with gunk [N]

If you smell it it really is funk [Randy]

But inside it is money [F]

So how about it honey [Randy]

I'm rich although I'm no hunk [F]

Father Fred was a friendly old fart [Randy]

In the rectory he kept a dead tart [F]

Being shy, he would poke her [Randy]

And then he would soak her [F]

And then masturbate in a cart [Randy]

Contributors: N, F, Anon., Randy.
Poem finished: 12th August 2003.