The Spoonbill Generator

Cremated For Bystanders

Alan Aardvark ate apples [baoloa]

By biting beautiful bits [N]

Cecil Crow could crowd [baoloa]

Delinquents, dweebs and drips [F]

Elmer Elephant earns escudos [baoloa]

For Freddie fed me falafel [F]

German Gertrude gave gamely [baoloa]

His headcheese had herpes [archaeopteryx]

Insistently, Ivor Ibex idled [snood]

Jasper Jackass Jumped Joyfully [N]

Kilo kanga knit his kid [K8]

Lovely lemon lapels lavishly [N]

Mimi Mason mimes mummies [F]

Nasty Nelson nixes nooners [Anon.]

Olly-olly-oxen-free [F]

Priggish Polly pops petunias [Anon.]

Quizzingly, quaint Quentin quacks [F]

Raucaus roaring ratatats [Anon.]

Sissified Sissy successfully sasses [F]

Tiny titular titleholders [Anon.]

Uncle Umberto uses unguents [F]

Via variegated vial valves [Anon.]

Willie Wonka wants weiners [F]

Xander Xerkes xeroxes "Xanadu" [Karen]

Zizzer-Zazzer-Zuzz [Anon.]


Contributors: baoloa, N, F, archaeopteryx, snood, K8, Anon., Karen.
Poem finished: 12th August 2003.