The Spoonbill Generator

Arcade Dreams Of My Gamey Youth

Space Invaders often haunt my dreams [N]

But then, I'm a Star Trek and Atari junkie [F]

And Pacman sure is never what it seems [N]

And Nintendo now seems rather clunky [Francine]

Tetris will pervert your very soul [Anon.]

I've learned this after many callused thumbs [F]

Freecell: when your life is in hole [N]

Commodore 64 cures those doldrums [archaeopteryx]

Asteroids was once a source of joy [N]

Now I download games on Dell and MacIntosh [F]

Frogger gave me rapture as boy [N]

And I thought "apple" was a thing to nosh [F]

Contributors: N, F, Francine, archaeopteryx.
Poem finished: 12th August 2003.