The Spoonbill Generator

Do Bubba Nano

Jazz, pizzazz, and razzmatazz [F]

Successor's prepossessingness [Kansas Sam]

Jejune, like jiujitsu, jujubes [F]

Is your biz with the miss always bliss? [N]

Perhaps pappy prefers pepperoni [F]

Maybe my mama's macaroni [Anon.]

Duh, Daddy's delightful digeridoo [F]

Killing Kelly's kindly kangaroo [N]

Bubba, blabbing and burbling [F]

Welly windgit the warbling [baoloa]

Nano, nonsense, nanny-niece [F]

Willy Wonka's Wandering Wonder [baoloa]

Contributors: F, Kansas Sam, N, baoloa.
Poem finished: 11th August 2003.