The Spoonbill Generator


In the pages of a dusty book
I found instructions how to cook [N]

First buy some food and then a pot [F]

And stir until it's very hot [N]

Then when it's soft and smells delish [F]

Arrange it nicely on a dish [baoloa]

Grab a fork and take a seat [N]

Blow if you can't stand the heat [Kansas Sam]

Now find a target you can claim
And with the fork, take careful aim [N]

Don't put it in your eye or ear [F]

And please don't put it in your rear! [Karin (sorry)]

With fork in place, next aim your knife [Kansas Sam]

And cut the food but not your wife [F]

First chop it into little squares [N]

Then chew it, pause, remove the hairs [F]

Swill it round inside your mouth [N]

Swallow hard and feel it go south [Karin]

Then let digest inside your gut [Anon.]

And let it exit through your butt [F]

Contributors: N, F, baoloa, Kansas Sam, Karin (sorry), Karin.
Poem finished: 11th August 2003.