The Spoonbill Generator

Autumn, Aimless, Now Upon Us

Haiku with me please [Karin]

Let words fall like autumn leaves [De Quincey]

Cover me till spring [F]

Slowly, then rushing [Karin]

Comes the wind upgathering [Anon.]

My heart goes with it [F]

My love is like a [Karin]

Rivulet, overflowing [F]

Cool and refreshing. [Karin]

The clouds part. The moon [F]

Glows briefly, then departs. I [Karin]

Am left alone. Nothingness. [F]

My head droops slowly [Karin]

I doze off like somone old. [td]

Then my teeth fall out. [Dassn't Say]


Stars rain down like dust [Anon.]

Is the world ending tonight? [Karin]

Then Monday arrives [F]

I always thought that [Karin]

Most people want to be kind. [td]

I've been proven wrong. [Karin]

Bones of silver birch [De Quincey]

Awaiting spring and rebirth [Karin]

Breathe the rare domed blue [De Quincey]

The end is now nigh [N]

With each breath we expel [F]

Time is up, my friend. [Karin]

Contributors: Karin, De Quincey, F, Anon., td, Dassn't Say, N.
Poem finished: 11th August 2003.