The Spoonbill Generator

Kangaroo Den

She prayed that she might never see the day [Anon.]

When Lilliputians have the right to vote [Francine]

Such tiny-minded intellects, thay say [Grayman]

Make others wish to jump the boat [mcb]

She vowed that she would always tell the truth [TG]

Even when her lovers gave no pleasure [Dassn't Say]

A sexologist like Dr. Ruth [Francine]

Could teach her men of women's hidden 'treasure'. [td]

She hoped that she would never have to hear [Francine]

The voice of reason speaking Portuguese. [td]

Nor ever have to shave a grizzly bear [F]

Now end this if you please. [Karin]

Contributors: Anon., Francine, Grayman, mcb, TG, Dassn't Say, td, F, Karin.
Poem finished: 9th August 2003.