The Spoonbill Generator

And And And Whimpering

"It was so kind of you to come! [Kansas Sam (from Carroll)]

And you do not have lice!" [Karin]

The Sharpshooter said nothing but [Kansas Sam]

"Pass me a bag of mice: [No fair, I want one]

I wish you were not quite so daft-- [Kansas Sam]

It's your turn with the dice"

"I am to blame," the Walrus said [Karin]

"For making our hags sick, [Kansas Sam]

After we've laughed at them so hard, [Francine]

And made them rather sick!" [N]

The sharpshooter said nothing but-- [Francine]

"You're such a vulgar hick"

"I seep for you," the Walrus honked: [Francine]

"I slowly masticate" [N]

With burps and farts he blurted out [Francine]

A homage to his mate, [N]

Holding his pocket-telescope [Francine]

Above his balding pate

He took one crone (she smiled, you see) [baoloa]

"You have a pheasant's bun! [F]

Shall we be slipping out the back? [N]

But riposte came there none [Francine]

For she was on the telephone [Grayman]

To a better man, my son [TG]

I bet you wish you had more teeth [Grayman]