The Spoonbill Generator

Whatever I May Need in Make Believe

I may be gone a little while [Beefy ]

I, the globetrotting bibliophile [Kansas Sam]

I may come back or maybe not [Francine]

I, the travelling polyglot [Dassn't Say]

I may be on a drunken binge [Francine]

I, who'm never known to whinge [Beefy ]

I may get stuck in Timbuktu [Kansas Sam]

I, star of the wrecking crew [E Greejius]

I may decide to chuck it all [Karin]

I, whose pride sets up my fall [E Greejius]

I may retreat to far Tibet [De Quincey]

I, who haven't been there yet [P]

I may do this, I may be that [E Greejius]

I, an indecisive gnat [P]

I may make love, or maybe not [Francine]

I, who sometimes like it hot [P]

I may decide to leave my life [N]

Or take up knitting or learn the fife [Dassn't Say]

I may conclude this poem is done
I, who think my time has come [N]

Contributors: Beefy, Kansas Sam, Francine, Dassn't Say, E Greejius, Karin, De Quincey, P, N.
Poem finished: 8th August 2003.