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Limerick Whore

Limerick Funfest [Randy]

There was an old whore from Madrid [F]

Who could please every man that she did [N]

She'd pluck them and buck them [Francine]

And f*** them and s*** them [Randy]

Then regret that she'd mussed her hairdo [F]

There once was a hermit named Dave [Randy]

His groin did he carefully shave [Anon.]

For if he were to slip [Randy]

He'd undoubtedly snip [F]

Off the thing that he'd take out and wave [Randy]

There was a sweet pansy from France [F]

A gay blade who wore frilly pants [Randy]

He'd lisp "parley-voo" [F]

To the garcons he'd woo [Anon.]

With a swishy Marcel Marceau dance [F]

There was an old whore from Nantucket [Randy]

Who went to sea in a bucket [baoloa]

The old bucket had a hole [Randy]

And the whore lacked a soul [F]

So she went straight to hell and said "SUCK IT" [Randy]

Contributors: Randy, F, N, Francine, Anon., baoloa.
Poem finished: 7th August 2003.