The Spoonbill Generator

Here Moon, There Another

We sailed on the third of July [Beefy ]

By the light of a coppery moon [Francine]

To the tune of an endless night sky [Anon.]

To a subterranean lagoon [P]

There, I saw his latest find [Kansas Sam]

It was yea-high and barnacled, too [Francine]

A steamship quite clearly designed [P]

To fly: you could tell by the screw [Kansas Sam]

It hadn't been used for an eon [Francine]

As shown by the rust on the plate [Kansas Sam]

I imagined my name up in neon [Francine]

But alas, that would not be my fate [P]

What was that noise? A creak [Anon.]

Cracked the quarter-deck's ebony shade [De Quincey]

Swimming over for a quick peek [Francine]

The use of the thing was betrayed [Kansas Sam]


Contributors: Beefy, Francine, Anon., P, Kansas Sam, De Quincey.
Poem finished: 7th August 2003.