The Spoonbill Generator

Fight the Defiant Epithets for Sleeping Chickens

The customer is always right! [N]

(Until you've met the client.) [td]

And then you have to stage a fight [Francine]

And hope his will is pliant [N]

Rolling stones gather no moss! [F]

(Though they're looking kinda old) [N]

And then you must absorb the loss [Francine]

Of all the tunes they sold [N]

No news is good news, so they say [Francine]

(Unless you won the lotto) [N]

And then you have to hourly pray [Francine]

The gods ignore that motto [N]

Blood is thicker than water, but [Francine]

Does thicker mean more viscous? [td]

For kinfolk are so seldom cut [Francine]

When sleeping with the fishes [B]

Don't count your chickens ere they're hatched [Francine]

(There's always one bad egg) [N]

And if your hen coop is not thatched [Francine]

It's sure to break a leg [N]

Contributors: N, td, Francine, B.
Poem finished: 7th August 2003.