The Spoonbill Generator

Nowhere in Particular (Man Talking)

On the Road to Nowhere [Francine]

There are talking heads [N]

The mouths move, eyes shift [F]

But no-one listens [Anon.]

Change the channel [Francine]

There are pointing fingers [Anon.]

Biblical harangues [Francine]

But no-one cares [N]

Send in money [Francine]

There are moving pictures [Nym]

Distractions, hollow dreams [Francine]

Five yawns per reel [Kansas Sam]

The sequel is already planned. [td]

Why do we keep going? [Francine]

(The question is rhetorical.) [td]

What else is there? [Francine]

This poem is historical [baoloa]


Contributors: Francine, N, Nym, Kansas Sam, td, baoloa, Anon..
Poem finished: 7th August 2003.