The Spoonbill Generator

A Three-Life Exercise

Life is like a coconut [asdf]

- It cannot be enjoyed [P]

Without breaking open [asdf]

A terrifying void [P]

Life is like a raisin [asdf]

- It cannot be unshriveled [Francine]

Without inflating it [asdf]

- Such an ego's vanity-bedevilled. [De Quincey]

Life is like an onion [N]

- It cannot be un-minced [Anon.]

Without repeal or tears [Anon.]

Of this I am convinced. [Karin]

Life is like a steak [N]

- It cannot be un-grilled [Karin]

Without rewinding time [N]

Yet entropy has spilled [Kansas Sam]

Life is like a cheesecake [N]

- It cannot be embalmed [Kansas Sam]

Without removing fruit [N]

Though none can be found [asdf]

Life ought to be like a banquet [td]

"Free!" "Come back for more!" [Francine]

"But please use a clean plate" [asdf]

Instead, it is a bore [Francine]

Contributors: asdf, P, Francine, De Quincey, N, Karin, Kansas Sam, td.
Poem finished: 7th August 2003.