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Things Seven Of Pairs Socks Cannot Provide


Seven pairs of knickers [N]

Folded oh, so neatly on my shelf [Francine]

Cybernetic pantyhose [N]

Three gloves, a fedora for an elf [Francine]

Nine and a half pairs of socks [Karin]

(including the pair I got in Leeds) [baoloa]

A sort of strapless teddy [Beefy]

A string of amber beads [Dassn't Say]

Boots there are, all gleaming [Beefy]

Black; five fluorescent thongs; [De Quincey]

Several fishnet undershirts [N]

Joni Mitchell's songs [Dassn't Say]


Contributors: Francine, N, Karin, baoloa, Beefy, Dassn't Say, De Quincey, Anon..
Poem finished: 7th August 2003.