The Spoonbill Generator

New Battles for Deceit

You stood trembling [baoloa]

But in your eyes [Anon.]

A flicker of triumph betrayed you [Beefy]

You won that battle, my darling. [Karin]

I kept shouting [Beefy]

You seemed resigned [td]

I never suspected your cunning [Beefy]

But you had made plans long ago. [td]

We lay shuddering [Roland]

Exhausted, lost [P]

As hope slowly ebb'd from our souls [N]

We turned away, hands still clasped [Francine]

A light glimmered [N]

A reflection [F]

A form taking shape in the dawn light [Beefy]

It was the Poppin' Fresh Doughboy [Dassn't Say]

Suddenly, it's all making sense [Beefy]

Contributors: baoloa, Anon., Beefy, Karin, td, Roland, P, N, Francine, Dassn't Say.
Poem finished: 6th August 2003.