The Spoonbill Generator

Anyone Who Whinges Can Go Elsewhere


There was a hack writer from Erie [Someone]

Who suspected some spoonbilling dearie [F]

Was up for a tease [Meeee??]

And would like to displease [Francine]

But never could prove her own theory [Anon.]

There once was a whinger from Oz [Karin ;o)]

But nobody knew who he was [N]

A spooner, no doubt [Francine]

Somewhat of a lout [N]

Whose deviltry gave us all pause [Francine]

There once was a aunt from New York [N]

Whose breakfasts consisted of pork [Francine]

She cared not a fig [Grayman]

That it once was a pig
And ate with a knife and a fork [Anon.]

There once was a Kansan named Sam [Karin]

Bad poets he'd frequently damn [N]

But we cut him some slack [Francine]

And relished his flack
For at heart he was sweet as a lamb [Anon.]

A badass bamboozler Benny [Randy]

Lied for just a penny [baoloa]

And for one thin dime [Randy]

He'd change the time [baoloa]

Of scruples he didn't have any [Randy]

That funny guy Roland [baoloa]

Has a mud hut he built in the lowland [Randy]

There he smokes fish [baoloa]

Stuffs them in a knish [Randy]

And delivers blintz on demand [baoloa]


Now to the Spoonmaster, all hail! [Beefy]

On his poet-ship we set sail [Anon.]

There's none can beat Peter [Beefy]

Except Derek Jeter [Dassn't Say]

Now let's see part two of the grail [archaeopteryx]

Contributors: Francine, Someone, Meeee??, As if, Karin ;o), N, Grayman, Karin, Randy, baoloa, Anon., Beefy, Kansas Sam, Dassn't Say, archaeopteryx.
Poem finished: 6th August 2003.