The Spoonbill Generator

Vacation for Gingersnaps

I took a trip to Ioway [Kansas Sam]

To see my old pal, Freddy [Francine]

His hair is long and grey [N]

And his stench is rather heady [Francine]

I held my nose and said 'Hello!' [N]

He muttered, "Close the door" [F]

"You're letting in the snow [N]

And you really are a bore." [Francine]

At that I said, "You look like Hughes" [Kansas Sam]

And thought, Hm? Should I leave? [Francine]

Is this another Howard ruse? [Kansas Sam]

And should I laugh or grieve? [F]

But then I saw the Mason jars [Kansas Sam]

And my heart then skipped a beat [Francine]

Fred's leg, I saw, had suture scars [Anon.]

And he was lacking feet [F]

Contributors: Kansas Sam, Francine, N.
Poem finished: 6th August 2003.