The Spoonbill Generator

Ballad of Vermillion Dances

Could I borrow just a minute of your time? [N]

You can if you will lend a dime [Kansas Sam]

Could I interest you in a game of checkers? [Francine]

You can if mine are double-deckers [Kansas Sam]

Could I play your little plastic violin? [N]

You can if you'll find that switch therein [Anon.]

Would you let me irritate your doberman? [Francine]

I will if he bites Keith Obermann [Karin]

Would you let me sing for you a ballad? [Francine]

I will if you'll toss me a salad [Karin]

Would you be my chaperone at the cotillion? [F]

I will if you'll wear vermillion. [Karin]

Should I wear the lederhosen with the jodhpurs? [Francine]

You shall if I have my druthers [Karin]

Should you pirouette when you could simply glide? [Francine]

I shall if you're by my side. [Karin]

Should you mimic the president daily? [F]

I shall if you'll sing Pearl Bailey. [Karin]

Contributors: N, Kansas Sam, Francine, Karin, F.
Poem finished: 6th August 2003.